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EasyFRAP-web is a web-based application which facilitates qualitative and quantitative analysis of Fluorecence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) data. It is an easy-to-use software tool that facilitates the fast and interactive analysis of FRAP curves. EasyFRAP-web allows large data-sets to be rapidly evaluated and normalized fluorescence recovery curves to be generated and exported. It also performs curve fitting and provides quantitative parameters (mobile fraction and recovery half time) necessary for comparison across data-sets.

The following four file types are compatible with the easyFRAP-web tool:

  • Plain Text (*.txt), tab-delimited files

  • Comma Separated Values(*.csv), comma-delimited files

  • Excel 2003(*.xls), spreadsheet files

  • Excel 2007(*.xlsx), spreadsheet files

Each input data file must contain four columns. Three columns which correspond to the raw fluorescence intensity measurements from three Regions of Interest (ROI1, ROI2 and ROI3) and an additional column for the corresponding time points. The order of the columns can be arbitrary. Users will be asked to declare the right order of the columns during the upload step. Sample files can be downloaded from the "Downloads" menu.

For security purposes and for service availability, the maximum number of the files that can be uploaded at the same time has been set to 100. Batch mode analysis is supported in the Standalone Version of the application.

Use of easyFRAP-web tool is free to all users.

Please cite 'Koulouras G, Panagopoulos A, Rapsomaniki MA, Giakoumakis NN, Taraviras S and Lygerou Z (2018). EasyFRAP-web: a web-based tool for the analysis of Fluorescence Recovery After Photo-bleaching (FRAP) data. (DOI: doi.org/10.1093/nar/gky508) when using easyFRAP-web.

EasyFRAP-web is built using web standards that allow the application to run on any operating system with a modern web browser. We regularly fully test our application with the latest version of Google Chrome which is highly recommended. The latest tested version is 80.0 (tested on March 14, 2020)

EasyFRAP-web is designed as a Single-Page Application (SPA) incorporating scroll-linked effects for a smooth User Experience (UX). There is a known issue in Mozilla Firefox which in some cases may cause a crash when the SAVE RESULTS button is pressed. If you are experiencing this problem, please use the latest version of Google Chrome, which is the recommended browser for easyFRAP-web. Please contact easyfrap {followed by @ symbol} upatras.gr to report any unresolved issues.